Praise for Conversations with a Moonflower:

“I sat down to thumb through Conversations with a Moonflower and ended up reading it in one sitting. I was fascinated by the simple, straightforward way Chris told her story. It is one that almost all women can identify with. A woman’s life is full of relationships, challenges, and tenderness. It was very easy for me to be drawn into the story and I could almost hear myself engaging in the conversations she described with the flower. I believe it is quite necessary for women to have a safe place where they can share their innermost thoughts, feelings, regrets and joys. This story provides the model for that safe place while it builds a bond with all women who will read and understand the sincere conversations our hearts have with our minds. I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner self.”
—Gail Miller, Owner, Chairman of the Board, Larry H. Miller complexes and Utah Jazz

“Conversations with a Moonflower is a wise, warm, and wonderful book – a gentle reminder that in a high-tech, hurry up world, there is value in pausing to enjoy the presence of loved ones and the simple beauties of life. This book is a gift, with an important and needed message. Give it to every busy person you know.”
—Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, LCSW

“Conversations with a Moonflower speaks to your soul and touches your heart. Tender and insightful, this book is filled with life lessons and wisdom that allow the reader to look inside and recognize the power and potential we all have inside of us. Beautifully written, this is one book that readers will connect with and treasure, a book that will be read over and over. New author Chris Hall provides a fresh voice and message that will leave you feeling uplifted.”
—Michele Ashman Bell, Author of An Unexpected Love and A Modest Proposal

“The brilliance of the book is in the way the truths are delivered. They will land on your heart as gently as a butterfly, bringing no guilt and no judgment; only insight and peace, imbued with encouragement. Conversations with a Moonflower is a gem readers will keep close and return to many times.”
—Laurie L. C. Lewis, author of the Freemen and Dreamers series, Volumes 1–5

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